About Us

Edu-Build Development has been providing Early Childhood Development training for over 19 years, having produced more than 4870 Students.


Families who live in South Africa faces serious challenges, including poverty, crime, unemployment, and low educational attainment. South Africa has one of the highest unemployment and child poverty rate in the world. Close to 40% of high school student’s drop out of school due to financial difficulty. 

Our Goal

To improve the functioning of employees in the workplace in the following areas: professionalism, personal interactions, productivity, etc.

Our Vision

ECD Centre with qualified practitioners from Edu-Build Development. Safe streets, safe neighborhoods. Education for All.

Our Mission

Promoting child health and development through a comprehensive early childhood Development centre and community initiative.


The Management committee of the college is a blend of passion, professional consultancy and visionary leadership. This is embodied in the founders of the company, whose heart is driven to pursue industrial and personnel development simultaneously.

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