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Thanks to Mrs Elizabeth Foster

Up to date more than 6661 women and a few men have been trained and are earning an income. Some opened their own day care centres and that created more jobs, some are working at day care centres and some are teaching at primary schools.

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Our Goal

To improve the functioning of employees in the workplace in the following areas: professionalism, personal interactions, productivity, etc.

Our Vision

ECD Centre with qualified practitioners from Edu-Build Institute. Safe streets, safe neighbourhoods. Education for All.

Our Mission

Promoting child health and development through a comprehensive early childhood Development centre and community initiative.

“Let them be them and you be you”. Always stay true to yourself and don’t let people change your good character.”

Florizel Adolph, President


Mrs Florizel Adolph

Father’s Day is a very special day!

The day that we get to celebrate with all the wonderful dads out there. Those fathers who stood by their wives, those fathers who opted not to leave. The fathers who are looking out for their kids, granting them a shoulder to cry on. Providing a roof over their heads, making sure that they’ve got food to eat. To those dads, I wanna say to you, Happy Father’s Day and may GOD bless you.

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National Senior Facilitator level 5

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National Senior Facilitator level 4
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